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Myths of cellulose insulation  

>> Cellulose insulation causes mold and mildew.
Cellulose insulation is treated with Broic acid which is a mold and mildew inhibitor.  When installed properly, mold and mildew CANNOT grow in cellulose insulation.  As with any building material that is installed while damp (paint, sheetrock mud, etc.),  damp spray cellulose should be allowed to air dry for 24 to 48 hours before covering and should only be damp to the touch when installed.

>>  Cellulose insulation will settle in the walls.  Any type of loose fill insulation will settle in the walls.


However, when applied correctly, damp spray cellulose insulation WILL NOT settle.  When installed correctly,  a small mist of water and glue are added to the insulation as it is sprayed.


Cellulose insulation will burn.  The same Boric acid that resists mold and mildew gives cellulose insulation some of its fire resistance properties.  Also the density of cellulose insulation does not allow enough air to sustain a fire.

Click on the picture to the right for proof.

Many of you can relate to this example.  What happens if you throw a old Sears or JC Penny's catalogue in the fire?  It won't burn.  Why?  Because it can't get enough air.




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