The United States represents about 5% of the worlds population. However, it consumes 25% of the worlds energy supplies. Energy is the principle commodity of our society. Our nation is totally dependent on foreign oil sources.

The benefits we receive from this consumption are counterbalanced by wars overseas and the potential for environmental damage. With the exception of renewable resources, our dependence on oil produces harmful by-products for our country and the world.


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  At the time of this writing, the northeast US is hard hit by triple digit heat. There have been several deaths, businesses without power, nursing homes without air conditioning, power grids at full capacity, and power companies even paying customers to cut back on usage.

The United States is also still recovering from the huge environmental distaster in the Gulf of Mexico from the BP oil explosion and oil leak. In my opinion this was truly an accident and there wasn't much anyone could have done to stop it. It wasn't the governments fault and it wasn't the CEO of BP's fault. Accidents do happen but still, it did happen and we now see how devastating it can be.

So how do we wean ourselves from this dependence on oil? Some say use less electricity in our homes and businesses. While this does help, nearly 50% of the total energy usage in homes is from heating and cooling sources. So, how do you cut back on your home energy usage? That's what we're hear for.


With over 30 years experience in home energy efficiency, we can show you exactly what you must do to make your home more energy efficient. Not only does it save you money but it also saves the environment.

Just think how much less electricity your home would use if 50% of your heating or cooling didn't leak to the outside. Does your yard need cooling in the summer? I don't think so!

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 Whether your are building a new home or want your existing home more energy efficient we're here to help you. We can teach you how to seal your home to stop outside air infiltration, how to properly seal your ductwork, energy efficient water heating techniques, energy efficient home design and planning, what specifications are the most important when looking at energy efficient windows, and so much more.

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Are you building a home and looking for a custom, passive solar house plan?  Visit my home design site at for more information.

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Want your existing home to be energy efficient?

If you want your existing home to be more energy efficient I recommend ordering our Existing Home DVD that teaches you everything you need to know to make your home more energy efficient at


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