Don't Believe A Word We Say!

- Until you read this message -

Why can you believe every word we say?  Because we don't answer to ANYONE!
[Except our wives :)]

You see, we don't sell anything except two DVD's and maybe some videos.  We don't answer to anyone.  We don't answer to corporate or sponsors.  We don't get kickbacks from company's.

It's an ugly truth but 90% of the people in the marketplace with straight lie to you to sell their product.  Now I know a person has to make a living and put food on the table but here's the problem.  Many salespeople try to make their product look good by saying something bad about their competitor.

I'm sure most of you have been in the situation.  You go to a home show and there are 3 window companies lined up side by side.  Company A says their window is the best and outperforms Company B and C.  Company B says their window is the best and outperforms Company A and B.  You know the rest of the story.

Truth is they all can't be the best.  I also understand that Company A can't say, "I have this really neat window but it's nothing compared the Company B next to us".  So what do you do?  Listen to someone that doesn't sell a thing and knows more about residiential energy efficiency than anyone in America and will guarantee it.

So how do we make a living?  We simply get paid to teach people what we know all across the country.  Doug travles the country doing more than 150 seminars each year for electric cooperatives. 

Phillip handles the DVD sales and works 75% of the time on custom home plans.

See, we really work for you!  Our mission and goal in life is to help others.   God has truely blessed us and given us the opportunity to make a living helping others.

So who do you belive when it comes to the TRUTH about energy efficiency?  Doug Rye and Phillip Rye.  We tell you how it is.  While we want you to implement everything we can teach you, it makes NO difference to us finacially if you do or don't.

So open your minds and let us teach you how to save money each and every month on your utility bills.

Phillip Rye

P.S. Noting we teach has a payback of more than 5-7 years, except for geothermal heat pumps in some cases.  Some of the things you can implement in your home can pay for themselves in the first year.  I'm not going to recommend a product that cost 3 times more than another and not save you a lot of money each month.  A 50 year payback really doesn't help much.  Does it?

P.P.S. - Electric rates are almost guaranteed to increase.  So what does that mean?  You get your money back faster!  If rates double, which is very possible in the coming years, a product that has a 4 year payback will then be only 2 years.  Try that in the stock market.


Building a new home?

Do you want a super energy efficient, green home design?

If you are building a new home, high utility bills should be the least of your concerns.  Build a green, energy efficient home at the most practical cost!  I have been in the home design/energy consulting business for 20+ years.  My father and I were teaching "GREEN" building concepts back when green was only a color.

I don't jump on the bandwagon of the latest and greatest gadget and I don't sell products so you can trust my opinion.  To learn more about how you can have a super energy efficient home visit me at and download my FREE report you MUST have before designing a new home.

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Phillip Rye
Phillip Rye

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